What Is Ovulation Induction And Am I A Good Candidate?

1) Things you should know about Ovulation Induction
The basic requirement for conceiving is the egg and sperm. Many couple are not able to conceive because of so issues related to this. Ovulation commonly known as release of egg from the ovary. Anovulation is very common issue leading to subfertility. Anovulation could be because of many different reasons,mainly due to hormonal imbalance. Most common cause is polycystic ovarian disease. It’s quite simple to understand that if we restore ovulation the chance of fertility is restoredIf you are going through ovulation issues but still you want your own child, ovulation induction is the ideal treatment option to help you out!

2) Understanding ovulation induction..As now we already know that ovulation is the most basic requirement for fertility. Ovulation induction means to restore the egg development and release of egg in women having anovulation. After proper investigation to explore the cause of anovulation, treatment can be planned. Treatment of anovulation generally very simple with basic oral medication or sometimes combing with injections depending on the cause of the condition and the response of the patient to the above treatment.

3) Who would require ovulation induction?

Ovulation induction is one of the options offered to women if:

  • PCOS which is making your menstrual cycle irregular.
  • other medical issues like obesity, overweight and hormonal dysfunction.
  • irregular periods due to any reasons
  • unexplained subfertility

These problems affect women from conceiving. Ovulation Stimulation is a good option for women with these problems as this increases the chances of  being pregnant.

4) How can ovulation induction benefit you?

The process stimulates the development and release of eggs from the ovary in a natural way either through fertility pills or injections. The medications that are used for stimulation of eggs, increase the quality and quantity of eggs. Thereby the chances of conceiving become much higher.

And finally, the procedure is also used in the IVF cycle since stimulation of eggs helps to mature multiple eggs in just one cycle.

5) Why should you choose Aikya?

Aikya Speciality Centre is one such infertility treatment centre which provides solutions for all your fertility-related issue. Our main objective is to help you conceive smoothly and gift you with a beautiful healthy child.
If you are planning to go through ovulation induction, it is important you chose the right clinic! Aikya is the one-stop destination for you! For further details visit our clinic.

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